Estate Settlement Services

Estate Settlement Services

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Ease The Burden For Your Loved Ones AND Protect Your Estate

Settling your estate could take weeks of effort for an executor. Researching how to contact government entities such as the Social Security Administration, or other institutions like credit bureaus, credit card companies, social media or email account companies, can be difficult and frustrating to a grieving executor. Our service reduces this effort to 15 minutes or less, by providing printable pre-filled documents addressed to the proper contacts, as well as simple instructions for completing a broad variety of important notifications quickly and easily. PLUS it protects your personal information and your estate against fraud.

Our Security Promise

We never require any sensitive information such as Social Security Numbers.

Executor Assist Services

We provide the following services to your executor:

  • Credit Bureau notifications
  • Government entities and DMV notifications
  • US Postal Service for mail forwarding
  • Marketing mail house notifications
  • Top credit card company notifications
  • Notifications to shut down email
  • Notifications to shut down social media sites
  • Additional tips to prevent Deceased Identity Theft
$299 - One Time Payment


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to check out our Protectheir demo site. This is meant for demonstration purposes only and actual fulfillment of services can not be done on this site. To fulfill your service at time of estate closing, please go to app.protectheir.com. This demo site provides users with a quick glance of the information requested prior to fulfillment. User name and password are not required. Just click the start button to view the input forms and information requested.

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